Tony Gee 1934-2020. Renowned bridge engineer passes away aged 86

Bridge designer Tony Gee (Anthony Francis Gee) has passed away at the age of 86.

After graduating from Cambridge University, Tony was hired by G. Maunsell and Partners and, aged just 22, was placed in charge of performing the detailed design of the Gladesville Bridge in Sydney, which become the longest single-span concrete arch ever constructed at the time of its completion.

Using a Ferranti Pegasus 1 computer, Gee had to write the computer programmes for the civil engineering calculations, as the technology had not then been developed. Arguably, the same programmes were used whilst designing the Sydney Opera House, although Ove Arup also stated that they developed new computer programmes for that landmark project.

Tony went on to become a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers (UK) and was awarded the Telford Gold Medal of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) in 1992. After his employment at G. Maunsell and Partners, he established “Tony Gee International” as an engineering consultancy firm.

Gladesville Bridge – interview with Tony Gee (Video by:
NSW Roads)

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