Train has miracle escape as it’s ‘caught’ in mid-air by a sculpture (Netherlands)

A metro train in the Netherlands had an extremely lucky escape after running through a barrier at the end of its tracks in the town of Spijkenisse, near the city of Rotterdam.

The incident happened just after midnight on the early morning of Monday, November 2nd.

Had the sculpture not been there to catch the train, it would have fallen 10 metres (32ft) into the water below at the De Akkers metro station. Engineers at the site said that they were amazed that the plastic sculpture, erected in 2002, was able to hold up the weight of the train.

Based on news really so far, it would seem that the driver was the only person onboard at the time of the accident. Reports say that the driver escaped uninjured and was later arrested.

Train crashes through barrier at Dutch station to land on large whale sculpture (Video by: Evening Standard, Nov 2, 2020)

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