Berlin’s Brandenburg (BER) Airport is finally up and running

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (code: BER) has had a catalogue of embarrassing problems and delays but has now opened for business – around a decade after the originally scheduled commencement date.

The project has been hit by a string of problems including design changes needing to be made after works began and fire safety equipment was found to be inadequate. Construction costs for the new airport soared from €1.7 billion to a figure estimated to be well over €6 billion, leading local Berliners to joke that it’d be cheaper to move their capital nearer to an existing airport rather than complete the Brandenburg Airport construction.

Now that the airport is open for business, it must also deal with the commercial impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as travel usage is not expected to return to pre-crisis levels until 2024.

Berlin’s new international airport opens after nine-year delay (Video by: Al Jazeera English, Nov 1, 2020)

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