Malaysia calls for Land and EIA consulting tenders for KL to Singapore Highspeed Rail

Malaysia’s MyHSR Corporation has called (on August 26th) two tenders to for consultants to assist with regulatory submissions in relation to the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore Highspeed Rail (HSR) project. The tenders are for land consultation as well as environmental, social, and heritage impact assessment studies for the HSR project.

A Tender Briefing will be held on 4th September 2020. Interested firms must contact MyHSR at for further details as to the location of the event.

The news is a welcome step forward for those with interests in investing into the project. In May, both countries said they had reached an agreement to defer the project until the end of the year but that discussions are still taking place and may be resolved at any time.

The deadline for the application to participate in the above tenders is 11th September 2020, no later than 12:00pm.

My HSR tenders website:

Singapore-KL high-speed rail: A timeline (Video by Media Corp, a news organisation funded by the Singapore government)

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