Hamilton to Auckland highspeed rail could cost NZ$14.425/US$9.5 billion (New Zealand)

A highspeed rail link between Hamilton and Auckland could cost NZ$14.425 billion according to figures released by Transport Minister Phil Twyford after an interim study presented a “strong case” for further development of highspeed rail between the two cities.

Hamilton and Auckland are two of the country’s fastest-growing cities and are connected by State Highway 1 and the main trunk rail line.

The report stated that the cheapest option is for the existing rail corridor between Hamilton and Pukekohe to be electrified at an estimated cost of NZ$2.157b and lifetime operating costs of $725 million. This would allow trains to travel between the two cities of 1 hour and 53 minutes at speeds of up to 110kmh.

Reducing travel times to 69 minutes would require a new standard-gauge corridor and cost an estimated $14.425b, which includes major tunnelling costs.

The New Zealand is currently reviewing all options, before deciding what option to approve.

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