China plans to double high-speed rail network by 2035

Officials at China Railway Group have stated that railway and highspeed rail (HSR) construction in China will not slow down after the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue unabated. Over the next 15 years, the state-owned railway builder plans to double the size of China’s rail network, constructing another 200,000 kilometres of railway by 2035.

More accurately, this will mean a 41% increase in rail-lines across the country, up from 141,400km today, and 70,000km of high-speed tracks that can handle speeds of more than 250km/h compared to the current 36,000km.

The ambitious blueprint is unveiled whilst the Beijing government seeks to compete with the USA for the top spot as the world’s biggest economy.

New high-speed railway opens in China for regional integrated development (This video is by New China TV, which is a state-run media outlet in China. Date: June 2020)

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