AIIB approves $170m loan for Bangladesh’s sanitation infrastructure

AIIB (Asian infrastructure Investment Bank) has approved the US$170 million loan for to Bangladesh for improved sanitation services in Dhaka, which should benefit around 1.5 million local residents.

The Dhaka Sanitation Improvement project is co-financed with the World Bank and will support Bangladesh government’s investments in sanitation infrastructure comprising sewerage systems, sewage treatment, and pilot measures for hard-to-reach areas in the Pagla catchment, one of the most densely populated areas of the city. Children below the age of five and vulnerable households bear the highest burden of poor sanitation through morbidity and the loss of productivity due to water-borne illnesses, according to a press release from AIIB.

The project funds will be used to reconstruct two trunk mains, build a new secondary and tertiary network and a wastewater treatment plant. Other key components of the investment include strengthening the capacity of the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority and testing the feasibility of locally adapted collection and sewage treatment solutions.

The project is AIIB’s eighth investment in the country, all of which are aligned with the country’s top priority development plans.

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