Hong Kong’s MTR subway using Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robots to disinfect trains.

MTR Corporation in Hong Kong has deployed a new automated VHP Robot (Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robot) to conduct deep cleaning and decontamination in their train compartments and stations. The VHP Robot is a co-invention arising from a joint project of MTR and Avalon Biomedical (Management) Limited (“Avalon”), a Hong Kong biotechnology company. By automatically spraying hydrogen peroxide solution that is atomised to a specific concentration, the VHP Robot ensures that disinfectants penetrate in the small gaps that are difficult to reach during normal cleaning work. In this way, it can eliminate viruses and bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli. MTR Corp says that the effectiveness of the VHP Robot has passed relevant tests and has so far achieved the desired results.

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