Women account for 13% of engineering workforce in Taiwan: survey

Only 13 percent of engineers in Taiwan are women and most believe they have to work harder to receive the same recognition or promotions as men, according to a survey released Sunday by the Chinese Institute of Engineers.

The survey on the relationship between career development and gender differences in engineering, the first of its kind in Taiwan, was conducted among engineers at 39 enterprises, seven government agencies and eight research and development corporations with a combined total of 130,000 employees. A total of 1,307 valid samples were collected, including 531 female respondents.

Women make up 15 percent of engineers in the civil engineering sector, 29 percent in the architecture and urban planning industry, 8 percent in electrical and electronic engineering, 18 percent in information and communications technology and 17 percent in chemical engineering materials, the survey showed.

Meanwhile, 44 percent of engineers in biomedical engineering are women, while women account for 17 percent of engineers in environmental engineering/green energy and 3 percent in mechanical engineering. In all sectors, women make up 13 percent of engineers, according to the survey.

Women account for 33 percent of graduates in architectural engineering, but only 17 percent work in the sector.

However, women make up 14 percent of managers in the general engineering industry, higher than their 13 percent share of engineers.

Sixty percent of female engineers believe they have to work harder to demonstrate their ability, receive recognition or get an opportunity for promotion.

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