Texas Central Railway Will Connect Dallas and Houston in Under 90 Minutes with a High-Speed Train (USA)

The drive between Dallas and Houston typically takes around three-and-a-half to four hours, and with bad traffic, even longer.  For those who have done it regularly for business or personal reasons, you don’t need us to tell you sitting in car congestion along this route is no fun. What if there were a better way?

Soon, there very well could be. As Houston’s KPRC-TV reported, Texas Central Railway is working to create a high-speed train between Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth that would make the journey in than 90 minutes total travel time thanks to a 240-mile high-speed rail line. The high-speed train will also service the Brazos Valley. According to KPRC-TV, developers are waiting on approvals from the federal railroad administration, and construction on the train is expected to begin this year with service commencing as early as 2026.

In addition to offering high-speed service, the trains will have a variety of creature comforts. First, the train cars will feature “substantive, wide-bodied seats, arranged ‘two-by-two’ and separated by an aisle, ensuring sufficient leg, head, and elbow room with no ‘middle-seat squeeze,'” per Texas Central’s website. There will also be food and beverage options on each train, Wi-Fi, and plenty of power outlets. Stations will be near major roadways and boast “a variety of retail stores, restaurants and shops…each with a distinctly Texas style of service.”

Schedule-wise, passengers can expect departures every 30 minutes during peak travel periods, and you’ll be able to book and change your reservations online or via mobile app. There will be variety of service-levels aboard for different customer needs (think, a quiet car and work-friendly cabin) and fares will be priced highly competitively with the cost of travel by car or commercial flight.

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